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Designed and manufactured for superior performance and functionality, Watersino faucets impress your clients with incomparable shower experience. With a wide selection of finishes and designs, you can create style flexibly that your cutomer will like, such as classic, luxury and contemporary style.





Shower Faucet

Featured Shower Faucets

Over 1000+ certified faucet models with patents are designed for your target country, including Australia, United Kingdom, United States and so on.

Why Choose Watersino Shower Faucet

Elevate your business with Watersino’s superior quality and functionality.

Water Conservation

Save water and contribute to a greener environment with a water-efficient shower faucet. Many models feature flow restrictors and aerators that help conserve water without compromising on performance.

Temperature Control

The shower faucet with Vernet valve allows precise temperature adjustment, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing shower experience. You can easily set your preferred water temperature and enjoy consistent warmth without any surprises.

One stop for Shower System

Ensure that all the essential components of a shower system, including the showerhead, faucet, valve, trim, and other accessories, are compatible and designed to work seamlessly together.

Easy Installation

Quick installation interface requires no specialized tools or skills. Detailed installation guide empowers your users to install effortlessly.


Bring Your ideal Shower System to Life

To meet your specific requirements, preferences, or design aesthetics, Watersino can help you custom shower faucet which complies with your domestic regulations and business.

What included in Shower Set?

Watersino offers both comprehensive sets and individual components for shower faucets, catering to all your business.
Shower Head
Ultimate relaxation with our high-pressure rainfall shower head. Its adjustable spray settings and sleek design make it the perfect addition to any bathroom. Enhance your customers’ shower experience and provide them with a truly refreshing start to their day.
Hand Shower
Give your customers the freedom to customize their shower experience with our versatile Hand Shower. Its ergonomic design and multiple spray patterns ensure a luxurious and personalized bathing experience. Offer them the convenience and functionality they deserve.
Shower Mixer
Simplify the showering process with our innovative Shower Mixer. Its easy-to-use controls allow your customers to effortlessly adjust the water temperature and flow, providing them with a comfortable and enjoyable bathing experience. Enhance their bathroom with this stylish and functional addition.
Shower Mixer Tap
Upgrade your customers’ bathroom with our stylish and functional Shower Mixer Tap. Its modern design, combined with precise temperature control and smooth water flow, will transform their shower into a spa-like retreat. Provide them with a touch of luxury and sophistication.
Shower Diverter Valve
Add convenience and functionality to your customers’ shower experience with our reliable Shower Diverter. Its seamless switching between different water outlets allows them to effortlessly switch between a showerhead and a handheld shower. Offer them versatility and flexibility with this essential bathroom accessory.
Shower Hose
Ensure durability and flexibility with our high-quality shower hose. Its premium materials and tangle-free design make it a reliable choice for your customers. Provide them with a hassle-free bathing experience and meet their expectations for longevity and performance.

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