Quality Control

Adhering to global ISO9001 manufacturing standards, Watersino ensures quality assurance for your business using top-notch materials and components, conducting meticulous inspections throughout the entire manufacturing process.



Quality Control

Verified Faucets for Excellence

Empowering your enterprise with water efficiency around the globe, including Oceania, Europe, and North America.
Are you looking for faucets that contributes to water conservation in Australia and New Zealand? Consider choosing a faucet certified by WELS and Watermark.
Look for the WRAS if your company is headquartered in the UK and you want to be sure that your faucet complies with the appropriate safety and quality standards.

Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) certified faucets have undergone extensive testing to meet water supply rules. This accreditation, which is especially important for government and engineering projects, ensures that the faucet is secure to use and won’t contaminate the water supply.
If your business is based in the United States and Canada and you want a faucet that meets the required safety and performance standards there, consider selecting a faucet with the cUPC certification and Watersense.
Faucets with the CE mark have undergone comprehensive assessment and testing to ensure conformity with relevant European Union (EU) legislation, particularly those relating to safety, health, and environmental protection.

Due to the fact that it demonstrates compliance with EU regulations and facilitates market access, it is especially crucial for businesses engaged in international trade. Investing in CE-certified faucets shows your commitment to providing customers with safe, high-quality products, boosting your credibility, and reiterating your commitment to respecting industry standards.

Partnered with Reliable Suppliers

Collaborating with reputable brands around the world, Watersino can bring superior performance and pleasant washing experience to meet your luxurious brand identity.

Top-notch Raw Materials Selection

304 stainless steel offers excellent corrosion resistance and easy-to-maintain surfaces. With H59-1 dezincification-resistant brass, we ensure optimum durability and antimicrobial properties.

Our materials meet the standards of different countries, including low lead content for safer usage. Experience peace of mind with our sustainable and high-performing fixtures.

Functionality Inspection Ensure Performance

Rigorous inspection process guarantees the utility and convenience of Watersino faucets before delivery.

Final Finishes Inspection Prevents Aftersales Issue

For aesthetics and durability, a series of test will undergo to prevent any potential finishes issues.