Attrezzature da cucina

As a leading kitchen faucet and sink manufacturer, Watersino provides exceptional quality faucets and sinks for wholesalers, brand owners, and contractors. Provide your customers with quality and functionality they can trust.




Wholesale Kitchen Fixtures

Discover Watersino’s extensive collection of superior kitchen fittings. Enhance your enterprise with our trendy and innovative fixtures.

Diverse Collections for Bathroom Design

Seeking a particular style or finshes to meet your clients needs? Contact for consultation and catalogs.

Application for Elegant Establishments

Con una qualità eccezionale, trasudando un'estetica elegante e raffinata e una struttura interna stabile, Watersino kitchen fixtures are built for upscale ambiance, such as the kitchens of luxury villas, upscale apartments, and mansions.


Dai vita al tuo rubinetto ideale

Per soddisfare le vostre esigenze specifiche, preferenze, o estetica del design, Watersino can help you create a made-to-measure faucet which complies with your domestic regulations and business.

Inspirational Kitchen Fixtures Case Studies

Discover how Watersino’s Kitchen Fixtures may alter your business and provide limitless inspiration for gorgeous kitchen ideas.

Start Your Project in Just A Few Steps

Find the faucet that best suits your needs and style by perusing our selection. With Watersino’s Kitchen fixture solution, you can streamline the entire collaborative process, from the first exchange of ideas to the secure delivery of the finished product.


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