From modern to timeless classics, you can create and customize styles with Watersino’s assistance to bring your idea to life with beauty and functionality and make your client satisfied easily.




Designers & Engineers at Your Disposal

With a team of highly experienced designers and engineers, Watersino brings your bathroom and kitchen fixture ideas to life. Collaborating closely with you, We ensure your vision is accurately translated into reality through 3D models for approval before production.

In our commitment to innovation, we introduce 2-3 new collections each year, offering a diverse selection that matches the consumer needs in the market. Experience the perfect fusion of creativity, funcionalidade, and personalized solutions with our expertise at your side.

Hot Sales Faucet Styles for Inspiration

Hundreds of collections are based on versatile interior styles from modern to luxurious.

Contemporary Pin Lever Collection

Embracing sleek lines, clean surfaces, and minimalist aesthetics, contemporary kitchens and bathrooms showcase a modern design approach. They often feature open spaces, a blend of materials like marble, and emphasize functionality and simplicity.

Elegant 88 Collection

Every detail exudes sophistication, creating a space that is both visually stunning and functionally exceptional. From exquisite antique countertops to custom-made cabinetry adorned with intricate detailing, it offers a seamless blend of craftsmanship and refined aesthetics for your luxurious style bathroom and kitchen .

Unique 74 Marble Collection

Bold, cutting-edge, and modern kitchens and bathrooms embrace the latest in design innovation. Combining with unique marble patchwork, they often showcase sleek surfaces, an overall sense of elegance and efficiency.
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Exquisite Finishes Options

Capture attention and differentiate your brand with Watersino’s impeccable polishing skills and top-notch PVD electroplating. Explore our wide array of finishes to elevate your faucet designs, including chrome, matte black, polished gold and etc.

For those seeking a bold statement, explore our captivating matte black finish. Its sleek, modern appeal adds a touch of sophistication to any space, while its resilient PVD coating maintains its integrity against daily use. If you desire a vintage and luxurious touch, our bronze finishes, including oil-rubbed bronze and Venetian bronze, infuse your faucets with an enchanting and aged allure.

Logo Branding and Package Design

Elevate your brand presence and distinguish your faucet product with captivating logo marking and package design. Each fixture is carefully packed with foam to ensure safe and secure delivery, protecting it from any damage during transportation.

Our one-stop package customization solutions combine aesthetics, funcionalidade, and innovation to capture attention, communicate value, and leave a lasting impression on your customers in a crowded market.

Experienced Capabilities for Your Faucet Business

Whether you would like to create an exquisite faucet or already have a design, Watersino has got you covered.



Successful Case Studies Like Yours

Watersino has supplied a number of projects to 100 cities, including 5-star hotels, cruises, shopping malls, and civilian apartments.


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