Kupaonska slavina

With exquisite design and crafted with precision, Watersino as an experienced faucet manufacturer offers compatible faucet finishes with sink and interior bathroom styles. Choose from a variety of styles to create a sophisticated and cohesive look for your business.





Kupaonska slavina

Featured Bathroom Faucets

More than 1000+ certified bathroom taps models with patents are available for wholesale in your target country, uključujući Australiju, the United Kingdom, the United States, and so on.

Unbeatable Advantages of Watersino Bathroom Faucet

As a reliable bathroom faucets manufacturers, Watersino elevates your business with superior quality and functionality.

Durability and Reliability

Top Industry-grade ceramic valve withstands prolonged use and high water pressure. High-quality Metal and exquisite craftsmanship ensure a durable faucet lifespan.

Leak-proof Design

Precise valve engineering eliminates leaks when closed. Automatic shut-off feature prevents water waste due to user negligence.

Jednostavna instalacija

The quick installation interface requires no specialized tools or skills. Detaljan vodič za instalaciju omogućuje vašim korisnicima instalaciju bez napora.

Precise Control

With Kerox valve, hot and cold water mixer delivers precise temperature adjustment. Adjustable nozzle provides various water flow patterns and intensities.


Bring Your ideal Faucet to Life

With exceptional quality, exuding an elegant and upscale aesthetic and stable internal structure, Watersino bathroom fixtures are built for upscale ambiance, such as star-rated hotels, high-end villas, home renovations, and public spaces.

Types of Bathroom Faucet

Based on different style and functionality your business needs.
Waterfall Faucet
Experience the soothing flow of water with our exquisite Waterfall Faucet. This modern and sleek design adds a touch of luxury to any bathroom. Ideal for brand owners looking to attract discerning customers.
Single-handle Faucet
Simplify bathroom design with the convenience of our Single-handle Faucet. Offering easy control over water flow and temperature, it is perfect for distributors seeking a versatile yet functional option.
Touchless Faucet
Also known as sensor faucets or hands-free faucets, these operate using motion sensors. Touchless faucets are hygienic and convenient, as they minimize the spread of germs and make water access hands-free.
Widespread Faucet
Elevate the sophistication of bathroom with our Widespread Faucet. Its wide spout and precise control over water flow make it a statement piece for any high-end bathroom. Perfect for brand owners targeting luxurious market segments.
Wall-mounted Faucet
Save space and create a sleek look with our Wall-mounted Faucet. Its modern design and space-saving functionality make it the perfect choice for contemporary bathrooms. Ideal for distributors catering to customers with limited bathroom space.
Modern Faucet
Embrace the minimalist trend with our Modern Faucet. Its clean lines and contemporary design make it a standout choice for modern bathrooms. Perfect for brand owners looking to offer cutting-edge solutions to their customers.

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